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Should You Choose a Laptop Bag Or Laptop Sleeve
Well, if you are planning to get storage for your laptop, then you might have to contend with the dilemma of choosing a laptop bag or a laptop sleeve. This is the question in the minds of many laptop owners. And though it’s a personal choice, different factors could contribute to your choice.

What is a Laptop Sleeve?

A laptop sleeve is a pouch made from nylon or plastic. It has a unique design, which enables it to contour closely to the skin of your laptop. This minimizes the dust which comes into contact with your computer. Additionally, it also protects against bumps and knocks, but it’s not ideal for protecting the device if there are severe accidents, such as falls and drops.

The sleeve may have one large interior compartment for storing the laptop or it may be divided to store the laptop and documents. The laptop sleeve does not have handles and is similar to a folio case. It’s also designed in a way where you can only carry with one hand. In case you find one with handles, they’re usually smaller than the handles of a bag.

Also, they are manufactured from non-rigid materials; some are made from stretchy or flexible fabrics. But they are only ideal for small laptops and tablets.

What is a Laptop Bag?

On the other hand, a laptop bag is a rectangular, brief-case-like product made from soft and non-rigid material. They are available in different designs, and usually has a storage compartment that can be closed with a zipper. This is the storage location for the laptop.

Depending on the bag, others have extra compartments, loops, and pockets for storing accessories such as water bottles. Most modern bags also have storage spaces for tablets, computing accessories, and smartphones.

Laptop bags usually have handles along the bag’s edges to allow the user to carry it with the hands. And they also have adjustable straps secured to the corners of the bag such as the handles. You will put the straps across your shoulders to carry the bag in your bag.

Laptop Bag and Laptop Sleeve: Which is the best option?

Your choice mostly will depend on personal reasons, and if you don’t like carrying anything in your hands then the bag is your best option. Additionally, you can use the sleeve and bag together; put the laptop in the sleeve and store it in your bag for additional protection against damages, tear, wear, and scratches.

Besides, most budget laptops are made from low-quality plastics, and throwing them regularly in your bag can cause scratches. Besides, your laptop won't mix with other stuff i.e. books, foods, and more, when it's stored in a sleeve. And it will protect your laptop if it falls off accidentally when opening your bag.


If you want to store other items behind your laptop, then you should buy a laptop bag. A bag is a better option than a sleeve, and you will get more value for your money. Also, considering most laptops have larger screen inches, they will be protected better in the bag. But you can also buy both to offer additional protection to your computer.
  • Feb 26, 2021
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